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What is Skype Counseling?

Skype is a free software that you can access and download at Skype allows you to talk

via the Internet as a combination phone/video conferencing system.

Skype counseling is considered a form of Internet counseling and can have several benefits including:

  • convenience and comfort from your home or office
  • not missing appointments due to travel
  • not having to find new therapist if you have to move
  • Teens going to college can maintain support
  • Those with disability or mobility issues

Although Skype counseling is good for most counseling situations, there are a few limitations you must be aware of before deciding on this type of therapy:

  • It may not be covered by or reimbursed by your insurance carrier

  • It may not be as confidential as face to face counseling as therapists are unable to secure the client's home or office setting. Depending on your Internet service provider and firewall protection, we can not guarantee that all information is 100% confidential.
  • Service may be interrupted due to technical issues, however most can be corrected within several minutes.
  • Skype counseling is not appropriate for those who are suicidal, self-injuring or homicidal. If you are currently feeling depressed and suicidal or desire to hurt yourself or someone else please immediately call 911 or go to your local ER to receive immediate medical care.

What do I need to get started?

You will first need to download the software from Next you will need to make sure you have a webcam that works and a microphone. There are several headset options that can be purchased at local retails stores or online. The better the equipment, the better the quality of video conferencing. For confidentiality purposes, it is best that your video conferencing set-up is located in a private area that you can secure while in session such as an office or room that is free from others at your home or office.

If you believe that Skype counseling may work for you, please call our office at 863-284-0855 to set up an appointment and to receive instructions on how to proceed.

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