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Why Living Hope Counseling Center?

We aim to provide professional and affordable mental health services to the greater Lakeland area. Our therapists have worked with a variety of life and family issues. We are committed to your care, ensuring a genuine, empathetic, trusting approach. We provide a safe, supportive environment that extends acceptance and confidentiality. Our goal is to provide comfort and hope, as well as guidance through challenging times. We are personally and professionally committed to a Christ-centered life.

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide faith-based and professional mental health services, which facilitate growth, transformation and healing by developing disciples on the journey toward maturity and stability. We understand the Living Hope offered to us by the Holy Spirit in light of Jesus Christ. We seek to integrate psychological and Biblical principles, providing learning opportunities to better cope with life's many challenges.

LHCC is non-denominational and invites individuals of all faiths to discover an abundant and authentic life, regardless of race, age or religion.


A letter from Dr. Jay Dennis (click to enlarge)

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